Avid model rocketry enthusiast and founder of Galileo Rocketry.

American Rocketry Challanege

Galileo Rocketry — TARC Team 20-6661

Founded in 2019, Galileo Rocketry is a team of high school students from the Galileo Academy of Science and Technoloy in San Francisco that competes in the American Rocketry Competition. We seek to encourage students to consider aerospace and engineering as a career path as well as give attention to aerospace and space exploration which is often sidelined in school.

We registered to compete in the 2020 competition, designed, and built a rocket, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were not able to launch it.


2020 Season

The goal of the competition is to launch a rocket to (800 ft), have a flight time between 40 and 43 seconds, and have an egg as a payload (remain uncracked throughout the flight). The score is determined based on how close to those goals your rocket can get.